Tiny Bunny 2023

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The atmosphere of this gloomy Christmas tale will leave you with a wild mix of emotions. Fear, amusement, happiness and frustration, these emotions are going to change each other constantly.

In Tiny Bunny you will experience the life of a child who was unwillingly dragged into a series of hideous events. Help the boy to survive and not to turn into a monster himself.

Don’t wait for a miracle

The game starts with the most ordinary event. A family of four is moving to a distant village somewhere in Russia. Anton is going to a new school, his sister Olya is sitting at home with her mother and their father got a new job here. Everything seems fine, but the moment of happiness doesn’t last too long.

When Olya starts seeing a spooky creature outside her window at night, Anton understands that something weird is going on there. In the light of the fact that the village is terrorised by an elusive maniac, he becomes deeply concerned about her. Try to carry out an investigation and help the police to capture the criminal.

You can do it alone or ask your newly acquired friends for help. Convince them to help and you will unlock new exciting possibilities. Two people are always better than one! But be careful, as your companions may not withstand the terrors of the sinister forest.

The outstanding story

Tiny Bunny is going to consist of five complete episodes. Four of them are already available and the last one will be added to the game soon. Nevertheless, you can already receive some of the possible endings. Choose your route and alter your character as you want.

Make Anton a brave fighter for justice or a coward who values his life more than anything. Whatever option you choose, you can always be sure that there will be a lot of content. Enjoy the picturesque black and white landscapes and look at the story from different angles.

Sense the unstable 90-s times when the crimes were committed without further punishments. Alongside with the dark aspects of those times, learn about amazing facts connected with the media and everyday life. Listen to the music that was popular then and discuss the captivating cartoons and movies with your classmates at school.