Tiny Bunny – Episode 4

The shocking crimes continue to gain momentum and only you can stop it. In the fourth episode of Tiny Bunny, you are going to keep investigating the unsettling events that started long ago. But while you are busy with the criminal, make sure that nothing wrong will happen to your family.

Deal with the abominable terror

The things that you might have seen in the previous episodes of the game will fade in comparison with the events that you are going to experience now. Prepare to be engaged in the horrible actions that will stay in your head for a long time.

After another classmate of yours disappeared following the other kids, you make an executive decision to finally meet the criminal. Anton thinks that this case is somehow connected with the mysterious building that appears in the forest from time to time. Bring your friends with you and try to see what is inside.

However, depending on the choice you have made in the previous part of Tiny Bunny, the story can turn in the opposite way. Meet with the adorable Polina and learn more about her life and problems. But don’t think that your treachery will be unnoticed.

Become the part of the animal kingdom

Alice and her friends won’t leave you alone, too. But this time you will introduce Olya to them. And only you are responsible for the way this meeting is going to end. Will you spend a good time in the company of your forest companions or will you suddenly reveal their true intentions?

The closer you are coming to the end of the game, the more important your actions are. Select the options with great care, as they may give you one of the many endings. You may stick to your animal alter-ego, stay friends with Roma or even become an outsider. In each route several variants are available, so you are free to experiment with them and arrive at different outcomes.