Tiny Bunny

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Live the life of a common schoolboy and participate in his fascinating story. In Tiny Bunny you will be engaged in a global investigation that is dealing with the kidnapping. Decide whether you want to be the first one to reveal the shocking truth about these events. Or you better stay away from the danger?

The beckoning woods

In this game you are going to play for Anton who has recently come to live in an old house near the woods with his family. The boy doesn’t stand out from the others. The only thing he is really good at is drawing. His family is also going through some bad times. There is no wonder that other kids are not willing to be friends with him at first.

However, if you play smartly by using your character’s features, you will be able to change the situation. Choose if you want to befriend the bad guys or get along with a very pretty girl. Think carefully about your decisions, as they can lead to unexpected consequences.

Moreover, apart from the villagers, you will be able to learn more about the mysterious forest creatures. Find out what are their real intentions towards you and if they are connected with the events that are concerning the lost children. Spend some time with them and maybe they will even invite you to their company.

The incredible style

One of the most noticeable features of Tiny Bunny is that the design is fully done in black and white spectrum. This creates an unforgettable atmosphere that resonates with the hobby of the main hero, as the project is made in a cartoon style. But occasionally you may see a splash of colours that indicate an important moment in Anton’s life.

Sometimes to get an opportunity to watch such rare scenes, you need to select certain options. Apart from listening to various dialogues and reading the depictions, this is what you are going to do all the time. Usually there are not many options for you to pick from, but they can make the story go in a totally different direction.

Tiny Bunny also gives you a chance to look around the locations from time to time. You may learn more about the 90-s attributes and there is even a dictionary that will be filled up with the information about various series, films, music artists and other things.

So, let the secrets captivate you from the very beginning. You won’t even notice how a relaxing stroll across the forest will turn into a battle between the character and the creatures that guard this place.