Tiny Bunny Horror

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Discover the secrets that a small village in the forest hides. Tiny Bunny is a masterpiece visual novel that will dip you into the mysterious world of ancient legends. Don’t stay away from the exciting things the forest can offer you. Explore the woods and find out what is really going on there at night.

Listen to the weird voices

Play the role of a detective and investigate horrible events that have been taking place in the village for some time. Anton, the main character of the game, is only getting used to the new environment, but he has already heard about it. The children keep disappearing and every day more announcements appear at school.

Your little sister Olya is not allowed to go outside for now, but will you be able to protect her from the dangers that are following you? The strange kids in the animal masks are luring you to go with them in the woods. Resist the temptation or join the animals in their wild entertainment.

However, the mystic creatures are not the only peril that is waiting for you here. The game features the 90-s period, when the crime was at the peak. Sometimes other humans can be far more dangerous than the old legends’ characters.

Receive more information about those times while exploring the terrains. Get nostalgic over the well-known aspects or dive into an absolutely new world of Transformers and chewing gum with the liners.

Select your route

Tiny Bunny can end differently, depending on the way you play. When you have to make an important decision, you will see two variants on the screen. Pick up the one that will be more suitable in a certain situation and watch the aftermath. To be able to predict what will follow after your choice, learn more about the heroes and their personalities.

Remember that the others will treat you the way you treat them! So, if you are willing to help somebody, they will likely support you later. And don’t neglect even tiny details, because you never know what is going to save your life in a critical moment.

Although Anton is an ordinary boy and apart from adventures in the forest, he has some plainly common problems. Deal with the bullies that won’t miss a chance to offend you and get along with a beautiful girl that you like. Only you decide how Anton is going to react and what friends he is going to end up with.