Tiny Bunny Prologue

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Get to know the secrets of a cold taiga with Anton, the main character of Tiny Bunny. Not as if he wanted to get into these mysterious riddles, but no guts, no glory. Investigating the crimes that all the villagers are worried about is your chance to make the life of your family better. So, collect the proof with the boy and make justice prevail.

Watch your fantasies come to life

Finish the first episode of the game to learn more about the characters and their background. Anton and his family are now living in the countryside near a gloomy forest. It is not the most delightful place, but the head of the family got a new job here, so there wasn’t any choice. But was it the real reason for leaving the town? Complete the episode and find out.

Join Anton and go on the adventure outside. But when the sun goes down, it is better to stay at home anyway. Who knows what creatures you may encounter in the darkness of the ominous forest?

Moreover, strange stories that his little sister keeps telling makes the boy sure that something evil lives in the woods nearby. And one night Anton is going to finally be convinced in it. However, the parents don’t pay too much attention to their kids’ fantasies that may play a cruel joke with them.

Missing children

Simultaneously, the village is shaken by a series of crimes. An unknown man keeps stealing careless children but the police can do nothing about it. Suddenly, you spot a chance to capture the criminal. Gather your powers and make first steps to putting an end to these horrors.

Tiny Bunny offers you many endings and some of your choices may be crucial. However, you will never know which option will turn out to be important in the future. Even in the first part of the game you can partially decide your fate. But if in the end you will not be satisfied with the result, you can always start over.

In addition, the project will always keep you engrossed. You can watch a cartoon and suddenly stumble upon a screamer. The alteration of enchanting moments with the horrors will make you complete the episode in one go.