Tiny Bunny – Episode 5

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What is going to happen with Anton and will he reveal the mysterious maniac who has been kidnapping the local children? The last episode of Tiny Bunny will answer these questions and even more.

Now, as you know the truth about the inhabitants of the forest, you have to decide whether you want to join or oppose them. All your previous picks will influence the final outcome. Your relationships with the other children, your family and the animals will be a crucial aspect that will determine your fate.

One of the endings you could receive in the previous episode. But if you select a different route, you will be surprised by the number of situations you are going to face. Anton will have to figure out who is the real evil in this village and how to fight it.

As always, you will be wandering through the locations of different grimness degrees and look for the proof that is going to help you figure out where the criminal is hiding and how to draw him out.

At the same time, everybody is wondering who will be the next victim of the kidnapper. Anton assumes the worst variant and he will do anything to stop it. But in the end, will the boy be strong enough to fend off the evil? Dive into the game and make the story arrive at the appropriate finale.

Tiny Bunny will also still please you with interesting facts about the period when the game takes place. Although the atmosphere becomes darker and darker, it won’t let you forget that the plain child happiness and fantasies exist in this world nonetheless. So, make Anton come to agreement with himself and have your final word.