Tiny Bunny Game Play Online Free

Take part in a thrilling investigation with Anton and his friends. Tiny Bunny is an incredible visual novel that will tell you the story of a boy named Anton. You are going to go through various adventures and make important decisions with him.
Play this wonderful game on pc and prepare yourself for many hours of delightful reading. Splendid landscapes and character design along with captivating dialogues will make the experience unforgettable.

Reveal the secrets of the forest

You are going to start diving into the atmosphere of the game from a set of most common events. Anton and his family have just recently moved to a small village. Now the boy needs to go to a new school and try to make friends. However, the villagers are not really friendly with the newcomers. So, use your communication skills and try to blend in.

Apart from the cruel local children, you will also have to deal with your own family. Anton’s family is not a perfect one, for sure. His mother is always upset with something and everybody suffers from it, especially his little sister, Olya.

But one day, Olya sees strange things happening outside at night. The unknown creature that resembles an owl comes every night and scares her. At the same time, the rumours about a maniac who kidnaps children appear. The forest where the main hero lives is considered to be the place where all these horrors occur.

Will you be the brave one who will uncover this mystery and bring the criminal to justice? Or would you prefer not to risk your life and to concentrate on building a new life here? Choose your own way and watch the story take unexpected turns.

Enjoy the extraordinary visuals

Tiny Bunny is divided into several episodes connected with each other. The interesting feature is that the options that you have picked in one episode may influence the events that will happen in the next one. Remember that the way you treat your friends and family is extremely important! So, choose carefully!

However, at the end of each part you will have an opportunity to play it one more time and select different options. Experiment with the variants and you will be able to collect every ending that the game offers.

The gameplay here is not notable for a wide variety of features, but you will not really feel a need for them. The dialogues form the main part of the project, but occasionally you will be able to play in different routes. Also, once you enter a new location, you will be usually encouraged to examine it and see what Anton is thinking about diverse items or events.

The style of the project is worth mentioning, too. The unique black and white drawn design surely makes it stand out among the rest. At some point the presence of colour may seem inappropriate here, but sometimes you will stumble upon the colourful scenes.

The project is currently developed and new chapters are being added. Although, some facts and writings are hidden in the already available ones and with some hacks you are able to learn more about the story and the characters.